Our Day of Chaos

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Look at that! If I use the old laptop with Windows 7, I can post pictures.

Now we have no stove, no refrigerator, brand-new computer refuses to post illustrations, and everything has been schlepped into the living room and we can hardly move around.

We have to wait till the new refrigerator is delivered… “sometime.” Whenever. I’m convinced there’s not enough room in the kitchen to open the refrigerator door. So this will all have been for nothing.

This summer is just flogging the daylights out of us. [Trumpet Fanfare] The Summer Of Nothing Works!

7 comments on “Our Day of Chaos

  1. Is Violet Crepuscular writing your life now? I’ve lost track … what happened to the stove?

    I think Violet Crepuscular has also hacked WordPress. Suddenly I can’t comment the way I used to do — in fact, the way I did this morning. It’s a whole different interface, and I can’t even opt out of commenting through my WordPress so-called blog which I had to create artificially in order to be able to “like” your posts. So this glitch may not be your computer but some new and wonderful (she says with gritted teeth) WordPress tweaks.

  2. Praying it all works out for the better, in the end.

    Interesting. I’m using my phone right now. It autocorrected “praying” in “praise God”. !!!

  3. So sorry to hear this. I think the devil does not like how effective your articles and books are, so he is throwing up roadblocks. That newest book you are writing must be a zinger for the devil to trouble you so much all of a sudden.

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