Why Did I Dream This?

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I had a terrible night last night, and I wonder how long I’ll last today before conking out.

I dreamt I was alone in someone’s house–whose, I don’t remember, but it did seem familiar to me–tidying up the living room…

When in came the Grim Reaper, headed straight for me with his scythe. He had no face. Everything about him was in deepest black, even the blade of the scythe.

Wit you well, I let out a scream! More than one of them, I’m told. But I did scream my way out of that before something worse could happen.

What made me dream such a thing? Just the cumulative effect of a whole week’s worth of nooze? That’s the most likely explanation, I think.

(Gee, I’m already feeling kind of tired…)

5 comments on “Why Did I Dream This?

  1. Wow, that is not good. Better get some rest today– it is Sabbath, so take advantage of
    a time of rest and prayer.

  2. At the end house that faces the street I live on; the people have put up a very tall Grim Reaper whose face lights up blue in the dark – it is very creepy along with skeletons and black witches. My daughter came down Wednesday and I had to tell her my prostate PSA reading is sky high again and I may have cancer again (will find out on the 22nd), so when my daughter departed for home, she wanted to run her car into that Grimm Reaper and destroy it – but she didn’t.

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