They Want the Weather to be Scary

N.J. just got some snow ... in May. Has this ever happened before? -

It’s snowing this morning. You can see it coming down. It isn’t sticking much. My guess is, less than half an inch accumulation by the time it’s over.

Yes, I know other parts of the country are getting hammered by savage winter storms. But this is central New Jersey, I’ve lived here all my life, and I’m here to tell you that our weather is only very rarely dangerous. Our worst problem is floods in certain places. But as for people getting killed off by blizzards, prolonged cold or heat, earthquakes, volcanoes–nah. Our weather’s pretty tame.

But try telling that to YouTube’s home page. Try telling that to “Operation Storm Watch.” Yesterday they were going on about “two feet of snow!” coming our way. The official forecast is a tenth of an inch.

That’s nooze, though, isn’t it? You can’t serve up boring news! No one’ll tune in. Gotta have catastrophe, juicy scandals, dreadful tragedy… No crowd gathers to admire a building’s architecture. But set the same building on fire, and you’ve got to beat them off with a stick.

I like watching it snow.It beautifies the landscape. And I’ll never forget the sheer joy of not going to school because it snowed! No school today? Hallelujah!

Well, let’s see if they can turn our little snowstorm into a white Godzilla…