We’ve Got… Rats?

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Some of our neighbors are panicking because rats have been seen in our neighborhood. Yesterday on my bike ride I found a dead one in the street, half a dozen blocks away.

At the same time, all the streets in the whole northern half of our town are being jack-hammered, dug up, and torn apart so they can put in new water mains. It’s a huge project, heavy equipment everywhere you look, noise galore, bright lights on all night long–in short, a huge disturbance.

I’m pretty sure the rats have been here all along and just stayed out of everybody’s way until driven out of their usual haunts by all the ruckus. What I don’t want to happen is for somebody to throw poison all around and kill off the squirrels and the rabbits, and maybe a toddler or two in the bargain. To say nothing of people unknowingly tracking it into their homes.

We’ve been here over 40 years and never saw rats until now. I just wish the road crews would finish the job and go away. And then I expect the rats will go away, too.