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Someone Just Tried to Scam Me

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My phone rang a few minutes ago: “This is Microsoft calling.”

Someone’s trying to hack my computer, see, and if I don’t quick call this number and ask Microsoft to rescue me, the bad guys will get all my personal and financial information and then they’ll destroy all my files and my computer will be “obsolete.” I am sure that wasn’t the right word.

I didn’t believe it, so I hung up. I reckoned something bad would happen  if I called the number that they gave me.

How many poor devils fall for this, and what does it cost them? The answers are not pleasant to imagine.

The scammers are refining their technique. No more getting a call from someone with a thick foreign accent telling you to send $5,000 worth of Target gift cards to some weird address in Peedlestan, which you’d better do in one big hurry if you want them to save you from a fate worse than death. Sure, a few people fell for that. But the new scam is better.

“Khello, this Vase Present Joe Biden is, i am calling becose kheep big crinimuls they are trying only to khack your computer and be your privet information stealing-stealing…” Really, they had to make that a little more convincing. And so they have.

What can I say? Hang up. Just hang up.

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