I’ve Just Seen… What?

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I’ve just seen a very queer thing.

I was watching an airplane fly across the sky, way up there, when it flew into a cloud. “Over a cloud” is probably more accurate, but from where I sat, “into a cloud” is what it looked like. A nice, big, isolated cloud with plenty of empty blue sky around it.

And the plane never came out the other side.

How could that be? It should have passed through the cloud, or over it, and reappeared in another few seconds. But it didn’t.

Oh, there’s possibly a dull, prosaic explanation for it; but I don’t know what that might be. All I know is, the airplane went into the cloud (or over it) and that was the very last I saw of it.

P.S.–I think I might be able to tackle writing a Newswithviews piece tomorrow. Wish me luck, and keep me in your prayers.