Bob Dylan Sued for ‘Race Hatred’

From the Thin-Skinned Overbearing Idiocy Dept., by way of The Guardian, Dec. 3, 2013: Music legend Bob Dylan is being sued by a Croatian group for saying “Serbs can sense Croatian blood.”

Dylan made the remark in an interview last year in Rolling Stone, in which he was trying, in his clumsy way, to say that racism has been a bad thing for America.

So… he gives an interview to an American magazine… and Croatians are suing him… for violating the French law against “racial hatred.”

This much foolishness speaks for itself.

But really–do we have so few laws in our own country, that we have to be made vulnerable to prosecution under the laws of every other country, too? I mean, how many Chinese laws have you broken today, without even knowing it? Maybe you should be sued under Saudi Arabia’s law against not being a Muslim. And you can’t hardly say anything without violating some Canadian hate speech law.

One-world-government anus-heads will only be happy when everyone’s mouth is sewed shut. Except their own, of course.

And I’m sure I’ve broken someone’s law by writing that.