Fun in the Supermarket

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One of the things that makes grocery shopping bearable, if you go to the same supermarket all the time, is that customers and store employees get to know each other, if not by name, at least by sight. We can then go on to exchange pleasantries with the checkout clerk.

Yesterday at the Stop & Shop, the clerk told an ancient joke which quickly led to more of the same–the older and cornier, the better. Here are some of the jokes we swapped.

*What did the buffalo say to his son when he sent him off to college?

“Bye, son.”

*Did you hear the one about the three eggs?


Two bad!

*What is the difference between here and there?

The letter t.

By this time all of us, including the woman in line behind us, were having a good laugh. Hey, it was fun!

And these jokes were downright paleolithic. I mean, this is how the guys used to kill time while they were waiting for the mammoths. Julius Caesar probably groaned to hear these jokes.

Human interaction–one of those little bits of God’s stuff that can brighten up your day.