Navy Officer, Wife, Arrested for Espionage

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Jonathan and Diana Toebbe–busted

There are always traitors, and always will be.

A US Navy nuclear engineer has been arrested by the FBI for selling military secrets to an FBI agent, thinking the agent was working for an unspecified “foreign power” (we’re guessing China); and his wife’s been busted, too (

Jonathan and Diana Toebbe have been charged with espionage.

Diana Toebbe’s social media pages, says the FBI, are chock-full of “Black Lives Matter” propaganda, over-the-top feminism, and anti-Trump rants. Typical. Note to aspiring master criminals: if you really want to succeed as a spy, it’s probably a bad idea to plaster your wackiness all over the Internet.

Betcha anything both these jidrools thought they were doing something wonderful for America–helping “the resistance,” probably.

How many liberals, with the opportunity to betray our country to its enemies, would do the same?