Ready for a Comment Contest? No?

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New Caledonia’s flag

I was all ready to announce a new comment contest today. We had just reached 78,500 comments, and I thought someone posting No. 80,000 would deserve a prize.

Then I noticed there’s only one comment here today.

Ah! But we’ve got three views from New Caledonia! That’s got to count for something! I mean, is that hyper-cool, or what? New Caledonia! I just barely know where that is. The Internet really does reach all around the world. Which does not explain why I don’t have any views from Liechtenstein or San Marino yet.

Sometimes blogging is like collecting foreign stamps or coins. I’m old enough to find it exotic. When I was a teenager, globetrotting would make you locally famous. My aunts used to do it. And they’d bring back stamps and coins that I would contemplate with awe. Believe me, people just weren’t traveling so much, back then.

I’d love to know who it is in New Caledonia who’s reading this blog today. Give us a shout-out if you’re still there!

(It’s in the South Pacific, by the way, some 750 miles from Australia.)