By Request, ‘O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer’

We’re off to a late start with the hymn contest, but here we go–

Requested by Tessa, O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer, presented by Sovereign Grace Music, performed by Prayers of the Saints Live.

The contest is open to all, so don’t be shy, step right up and name a hymn!

‘Am I a Soldier of the Cross?’

No hymn contest entries yet today.

I found this beautiful rendition of Am I a Soldier of the Cross?, but the YouTube post doesn’t tell me who’s singing it. Maybe someone out there knows. Meanwhile, enjoy the harmony here.

Hymn written in 1721 by Isaac Watts.

The contest closes Aug. 8 and only a few of you have entered. Yeah, I know, that’s how it always is. We keep on trying, though…

By Request, ‘Be Thou My Vision’

This hymn was being sung by Christians when Charlemagne was a baby in a stroller and the whole Western Hemisphere a legend–Be Thou My Vision, an Irish hymn from the 8th century. Requested by “thewhiterabbit” and entered into the hymn contest.

Sung by the Lebanon County Youth Choir. Background sets by God the Father.

By Request, ‘Is There a Mountain?’

Here’s a hymn request from Erlene to start the day, and we’ll enter it in our hymn contest–Is There a Mountain? by Carroll Roberson.

The hymn contest is only till Aug. 8, so get your hymn requests in ASAP.

By Request, ‘Rock of Ages’

We have another hymn request by Erlene [Note: You can all make as many as you want!]–Rock of Ages, sung by Tennesse Ernie Ford. He also tells you how the hymn came to be written.

Our hymn contest ends August 8. So if you haven’t entered yet… well, what are you waiting for?

By Request, ‘He Looked Beyond My Faults’

Requested by Erlene–He Looked Beyond My Faults (and Saw My Need).

I opted for this rendition by the Singing Contractors–no musical instruments, no acoustics beyond those native to the job site… and two guys singing like four.

Now–how about some new first-time entries? The leading hymn has 20 views. We can do even better than that!

By Request, ‘Fairest Lord Jesus’

Let’s get the hymn contest rolling again with this request from “thewhiterabbit”–Fairest Lord Jesus, sung by students at Fountainview Academy. That’s Seton Lake in the background.

I hope some of you who never comment will gird up your loins and make a hymn request. Hey, you might win the contest! And our hymns glorify our God.

By Request, ‘Blessed Are Those Who’ve Never Seen’

Ah, an entry into our hymn contest, from Erlene–Blessed Are Those Who’ve Never Seen, by Carroll Roberson.

I wonder why we can’t get entries from more than just a few readers. Why does it so often turn out that way?

BTW, that stream Carroll Roberson is visiting–I do wish I could go there and soak my feet in cold running water!

‘This Is My Father’s World’

No hymn contest entries today so far, so I’ll go with one of my own favorites–in fact, an old Sunday school favorite: This Is My Father’s World, sung here by Fernando Ortega.

“This is my Father’s world, and let me ne’er forget/ that tho’ the wrong seems oft so strong, He is the ruler yet…”

By Request, ‘I’ll Walk With God’

Requested by Ina–I’ll Walk with God, sung by Sir Harry Secombe.

For a little while we had a three-way tie in our hymn contest, but yesterday one of the hymns collected 20 views to forge ahead.