Entering the Age of Fictional News

A reader in British Columbia told me yesterday that the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. has been shaping the recent AirAsia plane crash into a “narrative.”

Other news agencies worldwide have been blaming the crash on bad weather–hasn’t bad weather caused many airplane crashes, over the years?–or even “unique,” or extra-bad, weather ( http://www.newsdocument.com/news/airasia-flight-qz8501-unique-weather-may-have-caused-plane-crash-says-ceo-sydney-morning-herald ).

Logical reasoning is built on syllogisms. Example: If an animal has feathers, it is a bird; a buzzard has feathers; therefore a buzzard is a bird. But CBC reasoning is based on what we might call silly-gisms. Like so:

Really bad weather is caused by Climate Change.

The plane crash was caused by bad weather.

Therefore Climate Change caused the plane to crash.

Note: if you can’t see that this is silly reasoning, you have good cause to worry about your intellectual capacity. But here are some hints to help you. 1. There is no such thing as a global climate. 2. The climates found on the earth are constantly changing. 3. There has always been bad weather, even really bad weather: long before there were any airplanes.

As the year draws hourly to its close, the sheer idiocy of Global Warming arguments continues to deepen.

What causes Global Warming?

Your car, but not Al Gore’s private jet. Your home air conditioning, but not the ruling class’s mansions. Also involved as causal factors are Income Inequality, Homophobia, Racism, Binary Gender Definition, White Privilege, and, of course, the crime of Climate Change Denial. In 2010 a poll taken by Enviro-something-or-other, paid for by “eight advocacy organizations,” reported that 80% of Canadians believe Global warming is caused by “consumerism” ( http://www.cbc.ca/news/consumerism-causes-climate-change-poll-1.953486 ). Nothing phony about that, kimosabe–even if an 80% consensus is more like an old Saddam Hussein re-election number than anything from the real world. But the CBC reported it with great enthusiasm.

They want to redistribute your money, take away your freedoms, reduce your standard of living, and feed their own insatiable appetites for power for its own sake–all in the name of Saving the Planet.

May God deliver us out of their hands.

P.S.: My thanks to all the visitors and readers who made 2014 such a successful year for this blog. See you tomorrow! Which will be next year.