US Military to Provide Afghan Refugees with ‘Gender Advisers’

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You know they’re just waiting to latch onto feminism!

Well, they couldn’t win the war, but our new Woke Democrat military is gearing up to teach Afghan refugees how to be gender-hip ( You don’t know whether you ought to laugh or cry.

“Gender advisers” will be assigned to some 13,000 Afghan refugees in nine military bases throughout our country, in compliance with a 2018 law (wait for it!) “that mandates [love those mandates!] the U.S. military to address the gender needs [what??] of–” oh, boy–“people and minorities in war and conflict zones.” Like, uh, “people” and “minorities” are different things?

You’ll be enchanted to know that our US Indo-Pacific Command has a “chief gender adviser.” How did Admiral Halsey ever get through World War II without one?

Is it any wonder that China kicks sand in our faces and laughs at us?

I wonder how long General Patton would have listened to a gender adviser.