So Who is ‘Abner Doubleday’?

My employers, The Chalcedon Foundation ( ) have first dibs on my formal review of these books, but I think the time has come for me to give “Abner Doubleday” his real name. I hope they don’t mind.

“Abner” is Brian Godawa, a professional Hollywood screenwriter, and his books are The Chronicles of the Nephilim. I have read the first three in the series: Noah Primeval, Enoch Primordial, and Gilgamesh Immortal. You can find them all on and read about them there.

I admire Godawa’s non-fiction writing, I respect the scholarship which he has put into all his work, and I salute him for his efforts to bring the Bible to a wider audience. But I have serious reservations about the way he has gone about it, which I have expressed here on several occasions.

It may be that God will use these books in ways I never imagined; and if He does, I can only give thanks and rejoice.

Now it’s your turn to read about these books, or read them, and judge for yourselves.