‘Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies’ (2016)

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Got a nice load of somebody else’s blood there, haven’t you?

Y’know, they snipe at us for having children–but without the children of normal people, there’d be no Far Left Crazy.

Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies!

Think about it. What with abortion, puberty blockers, irreversible surgical mutilation to “change one’s gender,” and other ways to prevent the begetting of a next generation, how does Far Left NOT die out?

They parasitize normal people. Use public schools, colleges, and pop culture vampires like Disney Corp to take over the minds of normal people’s children and grandchildren. It happens in nature all the time; think cowbirds, tapeworms, mosquitoes, etc.

In most cases, the parasites eventually kill the host.

There won’t be another human race for them to live on.