The Ruin of Our FBI

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You’ve got to read this piece in “Imprimis” by former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova, The Politicization of the FBI ( You thought it was bad? Hoo-boy! It’s worse.

DiGenova, who’s had a long career as a prosecutor in many levels of government, lists all those things the FBI should have done, was required by law or protocol to do, and didn’t do; and all the things the FBI should not have done, in violation of law or established procedures, and did anyway. In short, the FBI has been fundamentally transformed into a criminal enterprise.

By whom? By politicians Obama and Hillary, by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, by Director James Comey (nothing but a dirty cop, diGenova concludes), and all the rest of the FBI top brass during the eight years of Obama. It culminated in ongoing campaigns to keep Hillary Clinton out of jail and to undermine and destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.

I don’t think it’s saying too much to say that, between them, Obama and Hillary were trying to carry out a coup, a bloodless (supposedly!) coup d’etat intended to transform the United States into a country where the apparatus of government is used to harass and punish the ruling party’s political opponents, and to shield and reward its supporters. This is more like treason than anything Aaron Burr ever did–and Burr was actually tried for treason. He beat the rap, but just barely. We saw the Obama regime do this with the IRS and the EPA: beat up on everyone who doesn’t support the Democrats, and sweep crimes by Democrats under the rug.

America will never be safe for all its citizens, our Constitution itself will not be safe, until the Democrat Party is put out of business forever.