Bell Mountain Review by Steve Wilson

Recommendation: Excellent

Originality: 5/5             Writing Style: 4/5              Plot: 5/5                 Characters: 5/5        Aesthetics: 5/5

God is at work in Obann.

A thousand years ago, King Ozias, the last king, placed a bell on top of Mount Yul. Scripture says that when someone rings that bell, God will hear it.

But no one ever has rung the bell.

Until now.

Many people, from the head priest to a small-town teacher, have felt God stirring their heart to ring it, but the only ones obedient enough to answer that call are two children – Jack and Ellayne.

Jack is a poor boy, a child of misfortune; Ellayne is a rich girl, child of the town’s chief councilor. Together they will make it to the top of the mountain and fulfill their calling.

Bell Mountain is such a fun read for people of all ages. It’s interesting and moves at a quick pace with lots of action and adventure. As you read, you’ll meet new creatures, an expert assassin, Helki the Rod, Obst the Hermit, and Wytt the…? (Well, you’ll just have to read about Wytt.)

It’s a perfectly clean read with a ton of depth and good Christian messages. One of my favorite themes was the question of how we should treat Scripture. Is it to be taken at face-value and treated seriously, or is it just a collection of myths and metaphors?

I give Bell Mountain an enthusiastic recommendation of Excellent and will look forward to diving into the sequel, The Cellar Beneath the Cellar.

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4 comments on “Bell Mountain Review by Steve Wilson

  1. This is really wild! I was just about to let you know of this review by Steve Wilson and now I see you has posted it here!

    I learned of both Steve and Ellen from the Lost Genre Guild, which consists of christians writing in the sf, fantasy, and supernatural genres. You should consider joining it. I have learned a lot from it.


    1. Thanks, Forrest–and thanks for your reviews of my books, too. I will certainly look into the Lost Genre Guild. Meanwhile, don’t be a stranger–come back often.

  2. If you haven’t read “Bell Mountain,” you should and then you will want to read “The Cellar Beneath the Cellar” because it’s every bit as exciting and worth as “Bell Mountain.” Once one gets into these books one discovers there’s so much more to them than one picks up on a first reading–so they have to be reread. If a book is worth reading more than once, it is definitely worth reading again. Take it from me, although there aren’t many books written today that are worth reading even once, it is rare to find one worth a second reading. I have read both of the above twice with great enjoyment.

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