Their Fantasies are Wackier than Mine!

Our nation’s leaders have blurred the line between fantasy and reality so you can hardly see it anymore.

Item: Arne Duncan, our Secretary of Education, says we need a “national starting salary” for public school teachers–$60,000. Teachers should be paid “the same as engineers,” babbled the secretary. Is the man insane? Or is he just anticipating union dues from hundreds of thousands of highly-paid teachers flowing into the campaign chests of the Democrat Party? Gee, the world’s most expensive public education system is–let us put it as charitably as possible–a shameful failure. Better throw more money at it!

Item: An official report by a NASA panel headed by somebody named Shawn Domagal-Goldman has recommended that we go back to living like 12th-century peasants so that potentially hostile space aliens won’t spot our carbon footprint and come over and conquer us. Maybe we should also get rid of electronic communications, especially TV and radio. Haven’t you seen this exchange a thousand times in 1950s science fiction movies? Terrified Earth Person: “But how is it that you speak our language?” Bug-Eyed Space Monster: “For many years we have monitored your radio transmissions…”

Item: Maxine Waters, a member of the United States Congress, recommends that the government “tax the banks out of existence.” How can we even comment on such a statement by a person in a position of responsibility and leadership?

Item: Former Vice President and almost-president Al Gore said recently that “climate change deniers” are “like racists,” ignorant, bigoted, superstitious, evil, blah-blah… and they should be treated like racists. Chimes in The Democrat (what else?) Examiner, climate change deniers should be “ostracized and marginalized” until they repent of their “moral failure.”

Are all these people crazy? If they believe the fantasies they put out there, the answer is yes. But if they say all these wacky things and don’t believe in them, isn’t that even worse?

5 comments on “Their Fantasies are Wackier than Mine!

    1. Thank you, Laura. I’ve come to believe that our leaders in politics, education, the academic world, the “news” and “entertainment” media, and in every other field that you can think of… are as mad as March hares. It’s not only very sad–it’s downright frightening.

    1. The terrifying thing is that we’ve allowed these idiots to gain power.

  1. Unfortunately they do believe these fantasies – thank God Hillary is not our President! If the planet does warm up, it will be over a period of time and mankind will adjust accordingly – what is the big deal? i don’t see New York City under water yet, or even threatened.

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