Fantasy Disguised as Politics

Sorry to bring up politics again. But when utter, unadulterated fantasy is repackaged as a political program that people are urged to vote for–and actually do!–it mightily cheeses me off.

This particular fantasy raises anguished howls of protest over “income inequality”–as if there were ever such a thing in the real world, or ever could be, as “income equality.” The message is that if we elect a bunch of really cool Democrats, they’ll get rid of all that inequality and transform America into the land of equal incomes.

Does this mean that a gang of crooks and schnooks in Washington will wave a magic wand, and you and I will suddenly be blessed with incomes equal to Nancy Pelosi’s, or Al Gore’s? I mean, what is this–the Arabian Nights?

The only place in the real world where there is income equality is the cemetery.

4 comments on “Fantasy Disguised as Politics

  1. I do not believe that there is equality in the cemetery … don’t corpses decay at different speeds?

  2. I can see what you are getting at on a personal one to one level but different deceased leave different income streams to beneficiaries.
    Michael Jackson and Elvis are earning more now than when they were alive!! Still, I enjoyed the article. Thanks for penning it.

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