Gutter Covers and Heroic Fantasy

One of the articles on this blog previewed the cover art for my book, The Thunder King. On my site stats page are listed “Search Engine Terms” that tell me how some readers wind up visiting my blog.

I was surprised today to find the term, “Gutter King Cover.” This means some poor guy was trying to buy a cover for his gutter and the computer sent him to my book instead. I would like to think he appreciated the serendipity of it all, and bought my book; but that won’t keep dead leaves from clogging up his gutter. It’ll just give him something nice to read while he’s waiting for someone to come and clean out his gutter.

I hope the man who needed a gutter cover wasn’t so put out that he didn’t buy the book. You know, folks, it’s getting harder and harder to write fantasy, these days. Fantasy was never meant for people who are already delusional. But I turn on the radio, and there’s some 30-year-old college student telling Congress–that’s the United States Congress–that her sex life is so bodacious, she can’t keep up with the cost of contraceptives, and she wants the government to force the university to pay for her birth control pills. How the dickens am I going to write a fantasy for her? She’s already in one!

My stories are written for sane people. I hope that’s not a shrinking demographic.

7 comments on “Gutter Covers and Heroic Fantasy

  1. Sane people? Hmmm, I think I may know a few who are at least
    semi-sane, but they are quite few and far between. All of life these
    days seems rather surreal to me, that is everywhere except in my
    prayer closet. It is always the same.

    1. I just wonder who’s balmier–the 30-year-old student who trots out her sex life in front of the whole blooming country, or the members of Congress who sat there and listened to it?

  2. Geraldo Rivera claimed in his autobiography that he had slept with 1,000 women. Maybe some women will come forward accusing him of sexual misconduct and then we won’t have to see him on Fox News anymore.

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