No More Daylight Savings!

I don’t know about you, but around here we’re all in a dither about that hour of time we lost on Saturday night.  So… we’ve decided we aren’t gonna take it anymore!

I work right here at home, and my wife has retired, so here’s what we’re gonna do next year when it’s time to set the clocks ahead–to wit: we won’t. And I hope it starts a trend.

So as not to be totally contrarian, we’ll set them ahead 10 minutes a day; so in a mere six days, we’ll have caught up to everybody who still lets the government tell them what time it is. We’ll do that until they stop fooling around with the time.

We invite you all to join us.

7 comments on “No More Daylight Savings!

    1. Don’t lose all respect for me for asking this, but what does “tagged” mean? I will be happy to join in the fun, if I can figure out how. –A Computer Lummox

  1. The rules are here:
    Basically, you put eleven facts about yourself, answer the eleven questions, and then you tag other people and they answer eleven questions that you ask 😀 It’s pretty fun, and it gives you a chance to make your blog a little more visible (because you’re tagging people who are linking to your blog by saying, “I’ve been tagged by so-and-so.”).

    1. You will find me on your blog as “Anonymous” (because I don’t know what a “URL” is, but if I say I’m Mr. Nobody, I don’t have to know that).
      You’re probably asking yourself, how can anybody be such a stunata when it comes to computers? Well, I can’t explain it. My wife, Pat, despairs of me.

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