Now That’s a Good Neighbor!

An inspiring news story from New Jersey!

Newark Mayor Corey Booker was awakened early this morning by the noise of the house next door to his being on fire.

The mayor rushed into the burning building and carried out a woman who would have died if he’d waited for the firemen. A city detective tried to hold him back, but when he couldn’t, he followed Booker into the house. Booker suffered minor injuries, for which he was treated at the hospital and released this afternoon.

“I’m no hero,” Booker said, adding that he didn’t feel at all heroic during his action, but instead experienced intense fear.

But of course he is a hero–and if there were more like him, the world would be a better place. Hats off to Mayor Corey Booker!

2 comments on “Now That’s a Good Neighbor!

    1. The city of Newark is New Jersey’s largest city, and one of the most unspeakably corrupt and crime-ridden. In my lifetime, a number of its mayor went to jail for corruption.

      Mayor Corey Booker has been there for some years now, and no breath of scandal has ever touched him. I consider him a good man trying to do a well-nigh impossible job. But if he has accomplished nothing else, his action of heroism will always be an inspiration to those who remember it.

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