Would You Kill Yourself if a Celebrity Told You To?

What do you suppose people would do, if they turned on the TV and saw something like this?

“Hi. I’m George Clooney/Cheryl Crowe/Rosie O’Donnell/Barabbas [plug in the celebrity of your choice], and I need to talk to you about a very serious issue…

“Scientists tell us that human population levels are not sustainable: that, unless we “build down” the population before it’s too late, everyone in the world is going to suffer horribly–from starvation, from disease, from war…

“So we’re looking for unselfish persons–maybe someone like you–who will take the first step… The new Adios! pill from [plug in your favorite “green” company] is guaranteed to give you a quick and painless exit from this overcrowded world. Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

“For a sustainable, green tomorrow for your children and grandchildren, why not say ‘Adios!’ today?…”

How many people do you think would take the Adios! pill?

Yes, I know–I’m a fantasy writer, and I’ve just created another fantasy. It’s just for fun, right?

But what do you think would happen if they really tried this stunt?

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  1. Would those, who read the advice of those who want to decrease the population of the world, esp., of the US, follow their suggestion–say “adios” to the world? Probably send it to their “most hated opponent.”

  2. Whenever I see or read about celebrities I lose the will the live. Does this qualify??

    1. I’m with you Mike. A quick glance at Yahoo “news” is enough to sap the will to live in anyone. I wonder if Kim Kardashian has read “Moby Dick.” That would constitute an actual news story.

    2. Imagine a book discussion club consisting of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, and… well… yourself! (See, I haven’t lost my touch for horror writing.)

  3. In response to: How many people do you think would take the Adios! pill?…. It’s just for fun, right? But what do you think would happen if they really tried this stunt? (See above)
    Be careful; this could get out of or into something.

    1. Believe it or not, I did have some little trepidation about that. What if they decided Adios! was a good idea, and actually started pushing it? But it won’t happen, and here’s why–think of all the college tuition dollars that they’d lose! The universities would never survive such a massive loss of clientele.

  4. Actually, I did a study a few years back about rock music and that led to a study of movies and especially porn images. Astounding! Even young people who had attended church listened to this stuff and there were a great number of suicides by formerly normal young people. The songs’ lyrics advocated suicide, and the young people took the bait. This is very scarey stuff, and strange as it seems, the brain is so impacted by garbage that impressionable minds do act on what they see and hear, especially from those who seem successful, are attractive, clever and articulate. I am glad my children are adults now. These fools think they can control the population and events of the planet, refusing to believe that the Almighty Creator WILL HAVE IT HIS WAY in spite of what they think.

  5. You could be closer to the truth than you think, Lee. In a separate comment today I mentioned one population control method – murder before birth. They will stop at nothing and it’s impossible for them to stoop too low since they don’t have a ‘too low’ gear. I wouldn’t put anything past them.

    1. I think that there is a lot to this, especially with regard to Erlene’s comment about Rock Music. Being involved in music I have seen firsthand that some music just seems to drag people into negative activities, drugs, immorality, etc.

      Now there has been bad, negative, terrrible music for a long time. Some of the Blues dating to the early 20th Century was pure smut. However, it seems to me that somewhere in the mid to latter ’60s, Rock ‘n Roll took a big step away from anything good. That is not to say that there isn’t good music beyond those years, but right about that time distorted guitar sounds and troubling lyrics seemed to make a strong appearance.

      I can see how this sort of thing could lead one in a bad direction. I’ve seen people that wasted their lives smoking pot and never accomplishing anything. It reminds me of a Beatles song, which I find emblematic of negative sounding music: Nowhere Man.

      He’s a real, Nowhere Man
      Sitting in his nowhere land
      Making all his nowhere plans
      For nobody . . .

    2. I don’t think the Beatles intended to offer the Nowhere Man as a role model. But then given the profound idiocy of John Lennon, anything is possible.

    3. The Nowhere Man character was being criticized in the song, but I see him as the perfect analog of Lennon himself. The near worship of this guy has always puzzled me. He was the least likable of the Beatles, and IMO, the least talented. Most of the songs he wrote in his solo career were sad attempts at best. McCartney was carrying more than his share of the load when they worked together.

    4. I know people who hail this jidrool as some kind of genius, and revere “Imagine” as if it were a hymn. But that’s not all that’s wrong with them.

    5. I’ve seen it ad nauseum. Around other musicians, I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut, but I never heard much from him that was worthwhile. A lot of his songs sound simplistic to me. Had he not held the cachet of being an ex Beatle, he would have sold very few records. He’s sold zero to me, since his Beatle days.

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