Let’s Bash Christians!

Have you noticed that, in the United States and Canada, you cannot possibly get into trouble for saying vile things about Christians and Christianity? But oh, boy, are you in hot water if you venture to speak even the slightest discouraging word about any other religion!

Even more zealously protected than non-Christian religions, and held much more sacrosanct, are the various perversions celebrated in our senile Western world these days. There are Democrats who will actually condemn you for “transphobia.” And what the dickens is transphobia? When I type it out, my computer puts a red line under it, indicating there is no such word. But it seems to denote, in the so-called minds of liberals, an unreasonable aversion–by which they mean any aversion at all–to persons whose whole lives revolve around trying to inhabit the gender opposite the one they were born into.

But if you are out there to say false, insulting, and filthy things about Christians, you’ll get an invitation to the White House if you say it loud enough.

How did this come to be the case, in what once were Christian countries?

8 comments on “Let’s Bash Christians!

  1. This condition has happened because II Chronicles 7:14 has not been taken seriously, and obeyed. Among followers of Yeshua (Jesus), people have become timid and have withdrawn due to all kinds of false interpretations of Scripture. “Believers” are increasingly failing to study the Word seriously, therefore they misunderstand what it teaches. This is the time of the great apostasy as taught by our Lord. False teachers will grow worse and worse, deceived and deceiving many. It is a perilous time as the Scripture says. Time to draw closer to HIM, so that HE will grow closer to us and protect and teach us.

  2. I think I can pick up and continue Erlene’s comment. While I have not sympathy for the people seeking to hinder Christians, some of these churches have not held up their end of things either. There are things said by clergymen which make me cringe.

    1. Is that the same Canada where they can throw you into prison for using the wrong pronoun? Gee, I wonder what would happen if someone called their snack product “Tasty Mohammed” and had an ad campaign mocking Islam. Think they might get killed? One thing that absolutely wouldn’t happen: no “human rights” tribunal in all of Canada would hear the case.

  3. The New Testament lets us know that judgment begins in the house of the Lord. The elect are to be the salt & light of the culture. When we aren’t, darkness covers the land (a good place for the song “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”).

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