My Visit to Narnia

I dreamed of Narnia last night. No kidding–I was there. You should have seen the colors: indefinably different from ours, and overwhelmingly beautiful.

I found myself in a forest, in an army. An old knight with a long, white mustache was handing out… umbrellas, of all things. I got one, too. “Aslan says this is all we’ll need today,” he explained. Then it started to rain: and I understood we were going to go into a battle in which God had already won the victory.

Then, of course, I woke up. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Couldn’t get back, either. But I’m thankful for the bit I did receive, and I find my spirits buoyed by it. You don’t easily forget a dream like that.

4 comments on “My Visit to Narnia

  1. Wonderful! I have had some very vivid dreams that have stayed with me for years, and I still remember them. Last night, I dreamed of my grandson whom I spent a lot of time with when he was younger. He was an infant, then toddler. He went out and went everywhere by himself when still a toddler. I remember being so amazed by that. Strange dream, but intersting.

    1. Sorry, no intoxicants involved. I’ve had vivid dreams all my life, and some of them I’ve used to scenes in my books. Bell Mountain #4, The Last Banquet starts out with an episode which I really did dream one night. I’m hopeful that book will be published in time for Christmas this year.

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