Better Living Through Wickedness

The other night in my neighborhood, a 20-year-old unwed mother tried to murder her grandmother.  I’m going to be vague about details, because I don’t want to hurt, inadvertently, someone who has already suffered quite enough. And besides, the details aren’t the point.

This crime arose out of at least four generations of fatherless chaos, with each new generation a bit more depraved than the preceding one. No husbands, no fathers–but a fair amount of government subsidy to keep the wheel turning.

Now, let’s see… what else should we expect in a world where all the smartest people insist that the traditional family is an obsolete relic of male oppression, fathers are unnecessary, and the only thing sacred is unrestricted fornication? These loons have managed to get many of their grotesque ideas translated into public policy. They promote them via public education, movies, TV, and peer-reviewed academic papers. As a result, our whole civilization is rotting from the inside out.

It is not pleasant to sit and listen to a woman describe a savage attack on her person by someone of her own flesh and blood. All I could do for her was to repair her glasses. It would have been cruel to say to her, “Such are the consequences of your lifestyle choices,” so I didn’t say it. No one deserves what was done to her.

But, hey, what do I know? Listen instead to all those smart people who keep warning us about the big, bad “Christian theocracy” that’s just waiting to poop our party for us. As long as we pay no attention whatsoever to God’s laws and Christ’s teachings, everything is bound to turn out just peachy.


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  1. Well stated Lee, but what a testament to where we have arrived! It is unbelievable that a nation such as ours would condone the eroision of a country conceived and established under written and stated covenants with our God! Reflecting on the history of our beloved land, one can readily observe that each time we have wandered from those covenants…this nation has suffered a travail or significant set-back! Objectively, we only have ourselves to blame; for if we tolerate sloven mediocrity in our schools,administrators,political leaders or churches…we deserve it!

  2. Even households/families with fathers have some issues since these days men are being wimpified and their testosterone is being intentionally diminished rapidly, rendering them unfit in the traditional role of father.

    This world has gone insane!

    Come, Lord Jesus!

    1. Fatherlessness is still the best predictor of social pathology.

      Even elephants need fathers! In Kruger National Park they found that without the older male elephants to teach them how to be good elephants, the young male elephants get completely out of hand and behave exactly as if they had grown up in the inner city.

    2. You’ve got that right. I see it among extended family. I see young men these days whom are not men, but are little boys in an adult body. I saw one at the store last week, a fellow in his early twenties that was all but apoplectic from the challenge of being a cashier. I understand frustration and he was new on the job, but his response was childish; we was basically reverting.

      I’ve heard that testosterone levels are influenced by behavioral factors and that a mollycoddled male can be lower in testosterone than the same physical person would be were they taught to meet challenges head on.

      Testosterone is good stuff. It’s one of the reasons a man can enjoy hard physical work. It’s what makes a man aggressive in problem solving and willing to take chances. I’m not saying that women can’t be strong and tough, but proportionally, women have a much different hormonal balance and tend to be less dependent on brute force alone. Sometimes we need brute force in this world.

    3. I like working hard. I’ve done some serious home projects this year and worked like a pack animal. It feels great, about two days after you stop. 🙂

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