The Shooting

Why does someone break into a movie theater and shoot 70 people? Everybody’s asking that question.

I don’t know why that particular individual committed that particular atrocity. But here are a few things I do know.

In spite of the many good things to be found in it, much of our culture has become a running sewer: and from time to time, it casts up monsters. What else can be expected? All the smartest people in our country–educators (ha!), politicians, the people who make our movies and TV shows, judges, our so-called news media–have been busy, for decades, telling us that good is evil and evil is good. Then they act all shocked and surprised when some nut takes them at their word and starts killing people.

Jerry Sandusky could’ve gotten off scot-free if he hadn’t bothered trying to convince the court he didn’t do it, but instead had pleaded that, in molesting little boys, he was only doing what innumerable smart academics say is good and wise to do. As evidence, he could have produced books and peer-reviewed “scientific” papers by dozens of Ph.D.’s touting the benefits of “intergenerational sex” or whatever else they’re calling pedophilia these days.

I haven’t seen any of those Batman movies, and I don’t plan to. I’m not here to judge any one movie.

But I am here to tell you that a Christian country that abandons Christ can only expect the worst.


5 comments on “The Shooting

  1. You have written the truth here, and you or I could have gone on and on about this, but it is obvious to anyone with the tiniest bit of discernment.
    It is written in other articles that this man was used as a puppet by someone pulling the strings; supplying all the very expensive supplies, at costs that would have been far above his means. May be the truth will come out, and may be not, but what you say is still very true.

    1. True, Erlene, that stuff is expensive. It can’t be acquired legally, and I would guess it costs a lot when obtained illegally. Given the debauched condition of our “news” media today, we may never find out what has really happened here. But if indeed someone put him up to it, we are free to guess what kind of person that might have been.

  2. I agree 100% with you sir. The more we turn away from God the worse off our country will be.

  3. Naturally the FBI will investigate where the funds for purchase came from, but whether the public will get to know is another question. One might argue, as you do, that the lack of belief, faith and trust in God is at the root of the evil in the United States, and indeed the world. However, some consideration has to be given to seeking out how and why this guy became mentally deranged and further who was able to exert influence upon him to encourage his unspeakable depravity.

    1. Every homicidal maniac’s personal story is different: that’s true. In this case, we don’t yet know anything about the individual’s story. But I think I do know that our culture is falling into ruin around our ears.

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