Coming Soon: ‘The Last Banquet’

Everything is pretty much ready to go with book #4 of my Bell Mountain series, The Last Banquet. Cover art and copy, editing, typesetting–it’s all there, so the book should be out pretty soon. I can’t say exactly when. I’m just the author, and the author is always the last to know.

No. 5, The Fugitive Prince, has been written, and the first round of editing is finished. But we still have a ways to go on that one.

Now the publicity for these books is–well, you’re looking at it. My gifts as a publicist remain a secret between me and my Maker. But if you liked the first three books in the series, I’m sure you’ll like The Last Banquet, too.

If you have read and enjoyed my books, please compel your friends to buy them and read them. Be forceful! Be persuasive! Be bold!

If you haven’t yet read them… Well, come on!


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