America’s Last Chance

I guess, as a citizen, I ought to say something about the upcoming presidential election.

To put it as simply as possible: if Obama wins, America loses. That’s all. There will still be a “United States of America” on the map, but it won’t be America.

Any action but a vote for Romney is, for all practical purposes, a vote for Obama. A vote for Obamacare. A vote for abortion. A vote for redefining marriage. Above all, a vote for expanding the size and the power of the federal government beyond anything we’ve ever seen.

So if you’re thinking of writing in Ron Paul, or voting for Joe Blow Libertarian, or Mickey Mouse, or not voting at all, you might as well plant an Obama sign on your front lawn.

If you don’t like Romney, fine. But the time to start in on him is after we get rid of Obama. Support the Tea Party. It’s alive, it’s vibrant, it won big in 2010. And it’ll get another shot, in 2014, to sweep a lot of statist RINOs out of Congress.

But if you want to keep living under czars, keep spending money we don’t have (but which gets sucked out of your paycheck before you even see it) on bulls**t projects that we don’t want or need, if you want to watch the country being chewed into little pieces by every little group that hates America and wants to “radically transform” it–well, then, anything but a vote for Romney is a vote for all that.

4 comments on “America’s Last Chance

  1. Yes, I hear you loud and clear,and there is no other choice than the
    one you advocate. It is another “hold your nose and pull the lever
    for the only sensible choice.:

    1. I know, and sooner or later, we will all be threatened by this tyranny. Branches of the government are even threatening peoples’ back yard
      gardens now, for heavens’ sake.

  2. Lee,

    It’s been a con game in America for a long long time…since our Constitution was signed and became the law of the land. There has been a never ending attempt to eliminate the idea of limited government and protected God given natural rights outside the reach of government. There is little difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties. As an example, the Democrat Party platform of 1932 called for the down-sizing of government, which the Republican Hoover Administration had expanded. New York Governor Franklin D Roosevelt’s famous 1930 “Home Rule” speech was a warning against the expanding powers of the federal government created by Republican Party (and Hoover Administration) to save Americans from the Great Depression–Roosevelt warned that once power was centralized in Washington DC we would have an “oligarchy masquerading as a democracy.” Roosevelt’s speech also told what most Americans believed at the time (1930) was true about the purpose of government and individual rights (that has all changed now). Of course, Roosevelt and Hoover helped create the oligarchy we have in America today.

    The Home Rule Speech can be found at

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