Democrat Theology: The Government Is God

This is from an official Democrat video played at the opening of the Democrat convention. Pay close attention to these words:

“Government is the only thing we all belong to.”

We all belong to the government. Think slaves–untold thousands of them hauling bloody great rocks in the sun to build a pyramid, while their overseers whip their backs raw and Pharaoh watches from a shady nook. We all belong to the government.

Meanwhile, outside, street vendors sold posters of our incumbent “president” praying under a headline that said, “Prophecy Fulfilled.” They were also selling an Obama calendar which includes a picture of “the One” under a famous Bible verse about Jesus, John 3:16–“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…” Other pictures in the calendar identified “the One” as the Good Shepherd.

I think the thing I hate most about Democrats is their penchant for blasphemy.  But really it’s only the working out of their theology.

These odious people worship the state. We all belong to the government. But if the state is God, then what is the leader of the state?

Dems, we already have the Messiah. He is Jesus Christ. It is not some nasty little communist pipsqueak from Chicago.

Whatever prophecies that little slimeball is fulfilling probably come from Revelation. If it walks like the Antichrist, talks like the Antichrist, and smells like the Antichrist…

9 comments on “Democrat Theology: The Government Is God

    1. Believe it or not (and I sure wish I didn’t believe it!), I’ve just barely scratched the surface of this revolting phenomenon.

  1. One thing I would not want to do, is ever falsely claim to be the Messiah, or even hint at such a notion. It strikes me as likely that God is not real to these people, but is a loose concept they can invoke to convince the masses that they are somehow serving a greater purpose.

  2. Ultimately, it’s all self-worship, i.e., we can appoint our own gods, or decide who our gods will be, because we are actually the gods-in-chief. The old, old, temptation: “You shall be as gods.” And then the foolish ones who fall for this temptation … well, they fall. And they find that they aren’t the gods they’d hoped to be, but slaves.

  3. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel back in the early 19th century said “The State is as God walking on the earth.” And also “The march of God in the world, that is what the state is.” What do you bet Hitler imbibed some Hegel.

  4. Yes, the problem with these fools is that they read their own “clippings” and believe them. What a shock is in store for them.

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