An Untold Tale of Narnia

I am convinced there is a book missing from C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series–a book that should have been written, but wasn’t. And I sort of believe that Lewis knew what that book was and would have gotten around to writing it someday, if only he’d lived longer.

My wife and my editor say I should get permission from Lewis’ estate and write the book myself. Well, I dunno… The Narnia books are, I should say, inimitable. There are writers who are as good as C.S. Lewis was, but I’ve never seen anyone who could do certain things as well as Lewis did them.  No one, for instance, but no one, was better than C.S. Lewis at giving you a whole character in just a few sentences, when anyone else would have needed a whole page. And who else would ever think of, and dare to do it, putting Father Christmas into the middle of a Narnia story?

Meanwhile, let me check my instincts against yours, dear readers. What do you think the unwritten Narnia book would be about?

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  1. Have you ever read The Siege of Shah Island? It’s been in print since about 1982. However, the plot is laid in the good old USA & Shahlasia!

    1. Yes, I have, you sly devil, you… You sent it to me! Psst, everybody–Dorothy wrote “Shah Island.” But that’s not the missing Narnia story that I’m thinking of.

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