Yet Another Movie in Which Everybody Buys the Farm

I’d like to take this opportunity to warn you off Quarantine (2009), starring no one in particular, which I’ve just aborted after about half of it.

Extra warning: a lot of this is shot with a hand-held camera, and it will make you ill if you’re susceptible to motion sickness. I’m not, but my wife is.

My problem with it was that I’m not entertained by the gratuitous suffering of my fellow human beings. So when the fireman had to chop up the little girl with his axe, I bailed out. Last straw, enough already…

I’m not a prude when it comes to movie violence, although this movie’s violence was inexcusably graphic. But when it’s in there for no real reason, when the characters have no way out, when I get the impression that the whole thing’s been staged to see if they can gross out an audience jaded by extremely nasty video games–well, that’s when I pull the plug.

Do yourselves a favor, and watch something else.

3 comments on “Yet Another Movie in Which Everybody Buys the Farm

  1. Thank you for the waring. Not that I ever get any of these myself, but I know multitudes of people do, obviously, or sales would dry up and the film makers would cease and desist. My husband has always been a movie buff,and he gets caught once in a while. I will make sure this is not
    one of them.

    1. I work hard all week, and on the weekends I like to veg out with a movie. My wife and I are both movie buffs, and we’re always looking to expand our collection. And yes, sometimes you rent a movie and it turns out to be a horrendous rotter. I hate it when that happens! Happily, we almost never buy a movie sight-unseen. I think one would have to be very foolhardy to do that.

  2. It has been out over 3 years, and thanks for the warning Lee Paul

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