More Progress!

I have written up the climax of The Palace. Whew! I can’t believe how much I got done, these last two days.

I dassn’t tell you much about it, for fear of undercutting my already pathetic sales; but I think I can safely say the concluding chapters of this book will knock your socks off.

I’ve been on this job since March, and I know I’m going to miss it when it’s done, and miss it badly… But that’s all the more reason to get started on the next one!

3 comments on “More Progress!

  1. Wonderful news. It is great to have something we really love to do. If I can come up with any money at all, I will try to order a copy. I am so broke, burglars break in and leave stuff.

  2. Did I send my finished article on “Building the Church God’s Way”? Perhaps you received it but had no time to read it! It is unbelievable how my time has been cut into; all kinds of “accidents.” The latest came about just as I was finishing getting ready to teach a class in America’s Christian History of the Constitution. I was cleaning my glasses and the lens fell out! How does one deal with that? One of my students repeating the class came and rescued me by going to my doctor’s office and having it repaired. It cut into class time but we struggled through. Add that to this list: four car problems: air cond.-mice chewed on the wiring; fuel pump$$$, brakes[(not fixed yet!], trunk lid wouldn’t go down-now fixed;the swamp coolerrequired five different helpers before we finally got all systems fixed; my washing machine broke down & I had to get another. So I guess glasses getting broken shouldn’t surprise me. I’m not going to try to figure out how I’ll be attacked next. Sometimes I have to laugh; as though all of these attacks could be used to stop God from accomplishing his works! I still haven’t been able to order your books! I am really frustrated. And now I’ve been highly advized not to use my debit card as I’ve been hit several times by frauds. Once was for $100.00. Two other frauds were car insurance frauds! (The insurance was paid without a whimper; it’s cheaper to pay than take it to court!)All thisin 2012! Do I need my prayer partners to pray for me? What a century we live in! Your friend, Dorothy

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