‘The Last Banquet’ in Paperback, at Last

The fourth book of my Bell Mountain series, The Last Banquet, is now available in paperback. You can order it via amazon.com, or save a couple of bucks by ordering it directly from The Chalcedon Foundation (www.chalcedon.edu –click on “Store,” then “Books,” then “Fiction”).

Please try to buy it before they outlaw it or something.

I am typing up the last few chapters of The Palace. Soon I will have to send my baby off to college–that is, to be edited–and fuss and fret until graduation (publication).

I don’t know quite how to explain the feeling of a book passing out of my hands after such a long and intimate association with it. It’s not altogether pleasurable, I can tell you that.

But–heheheh!–wait’ll you read the climax of this thing!

4 comments on “‘The Last Banquet’ in Paperback, at Last

    1. I would be very, very pleased if you provided Amazon with its first Reader Review of “The Last Banquet.” But of course I wouldn’t dream of putting you up to it.

  1. Lee, thank you so much for my copy of The Last Banquet,

    I just received today!!

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