A Disgraceful Plea for Publicity

The Last Banquet is out in paperback now, and available via amazon.com (also in Kindle format)… and I need reader reviews!

Isn’t it shameful, what being made responsible for his own publicity will do to a man? I never used to be like this. I’d even do commercials, if I ever got the opportunity. So here I am imploring my readers to help spread the word about my books, and to post glowing reviews on Amazon. Who knows what depths I’ll finally sink to?

Meanwhile, we are editing Book #5, The Fugitive Prince, and Kirk DouPonce has been given the go-ahead to create another one of his fantastic covers for it. And my continuity editor is reading The Palace to make sure I haven’t made any glaring mistakes with it. You know–like the way Sir Thomas Malory forgot that he’d killed off Sir Carados and kept bringing him back. In between The Thunder King and Last Banquet, I managed to lose 18 of Lord Reesh’s devoted servants. But now that I have a continuity editor, I don’t have to worry about things like that happening.

One comment on “A Disgraceful Plea for Publicity”

  1. Embarassing overlooks! Even though I always have all my friends read my stuff before it gets published for the world to see, “Oh, no! Look at that!” Those tweeks will sneak in. Just sigh and join the crowd. Incidentally I read a good many modern books friends give me to review and I must say there are few who write as well as you. I am astounded at the poor grammar, lack of creativity, and inability to use adjectives. They seem to have no vocabulary when it comes to that. A recent book I read used the word “dear” to describe nearly all of those he was writing about!

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