‘Jesus for President,’ Eh?

Big-shot Presbyterian theologian Tim Keller claims he has a million ignoramuses signed up to vote for Jesus Christ for president.

So what’s wrong with that?

I don’t know about Mr. Keller, but Christ is my king, whose right it is to rule all of Creation. President would be a serious demotion.

What this exceptionally silly man is actually doing is trying to take Christians out of the electoral equation. He offers them that most tempting of all baits, a smug sense of self-righteousness. That he has strayed perilously near to blasphemy seems not to have occurred to him.

Jesus as president, eh? Does that mean He has to step down when the eight years are up? Can Congress override His vetoes? Could He be impeached? Would he have to answer questions from an inane and impious Washington press corps?

It’s really too silly for words. Nothing but a fine-sounding excuse for throwing votes away and allowing a communist community organizer to be re-elected.

Mr. Keller is a false prophet.

5 comments on “‘Jesus for President,’ Eh?

  1. Man, this is the most outrageous nonsense I have heard to date, and
    that is really saying something in view of all the asinine garbage being thrown around out there. What on earth are these people using to fill the space between their ears?!

    1. He’s supposed to be a revered theologian (burst of hysterical laughter offstage)… I don’t think we want to know what they’re using to fill the space between their ears.

    1. I did not use any quotes in that little post–but the information came from an email to me from Keller’s office. His point seems to be that no Christian may vote for a Mormon under any circumstances. The direct quotes in the email all had to do with expressing his extreme distaste for Mormonism and Mormons.

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