The ‘Town Hall’ Debate: A Prediction

We are grateful to Vice-Present Biden for showing such great restraint in his debate with Congressman Ryan. We understand how hard it was for him not to tear off his clothes, swing from the light fixtures, and throw feces at his opponent.

But that was last week, and tomorrow night’s the big “town hall” presidential debate at Hofstra University, which is not a town and doesn’t have a town hall. At the last minute they weren’t able to get Michael Moore to be the moderator, after all.

I despise the “town hall” format. We are asked to believe this event is pure Americana, a page out of a Norman Rockwell calendar, pure democracy in action. They must think we have no brains at all.

Expect to hear “ordinary citizens” who have been carefully screened and coached ask “spontaneous” questions like these:

“Governor Romney, why do you lie through your lying teeth about all those taxes you never paid while you were crushing poor little poor people into the dust?”

“Dear Mr. President Obama, your honor, it’s the highlight of my life to look upon your wonderful face! Can you tell me what you think has been your most noble and memorable achievement during the past 12 hours?”

The official and bona fide prediction of this blog: Romney will be walking into the biggest stacked deck since Shane went all alone into the bad guys’ saloon. (You really must see that movie, Shane, if you haven’t already.) I hope they go so over-the-top with this that even the TV audience will see through it.

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