Waiting for ‘the Righteous Candidate’

I have been getting it from some of my fellow Christians for my insistence that the only way to get rid of Barack Obama is to elect Mitt Romney president. There simply is no other way.

If you state this indisputable fact, you run afoul of Christians who apparently are holier than you can ever hope to be. Rather than take the only practical, peaceful, lawful means to remove Obama, they prefer to sit it out on the sidelines with their arms and ankles crossed–“waiting,” as they put it, “for the righteous candidate.”

Well, who in the world would that be? According to the Bible, nobody: “There is none righteous, no, not one.” (Romans 3:10) Dinesh D’Souza was a righteous man a few days ago–until we heard he was bunking up with a woman other than his wife. How are we supposed to know who’s righteous? In ancient days, kings anointed by the Lord’s high priests turned out to be rotters. Should the house of Ahab stay on the throne because the house of Jehu wasn’t righteous? Certain the Lord didn’t seem to think so. (II Kings, Chap. 10)

Elect Romney because it’s the only way to oust Obama. Then, if Romney proves bad, turn on him and vote him out. What could be simpler? We’d only have to wait till 2014 to stick him with a hostile Congress, if he really cheesed us off.

But no–the proud non-voting pietists look down their noses at us and pronounce us sinners for voting for anyone other than a chimerical righteous candidate. We’d be great hairy sinners if we ever voted for a Mormon. God will judge us harshly for it: so they tell us.

Having been treated like one, I now know how the non-believer feels when self-righteous Christians smugly condemn him for various infractions, some of them profoundly trivial.

Is this what has gone wrong with our evangelism, these days? Maybe contempt and self-righteousness aren’t so persuasive, after all.

I’ve given up trying to budge these people off their self-erected pedestals. But four more years of Obama is a dreadful price to pay for their high opinion of themselves.

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