Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Eat all the turkey you please! If you can contrive to eat it in front of a liberal, so much the better.

Yes, our dear friends the liberals are trying to spoil Thanksgiving for us. Remember when “liberal” used to mean “generous” or “big-hearted”? Well, it doesn’t anymore. Academic pinheads are vying with “animal rights” kooks to see who can make the most people feel bad about this holiday.

Here at home, our local newspaper is campaigning against our town’s annual Miss Merry Christmas contest. Their editorial writer–I forget his name: it’s either Fat-head or Jackass–thinks the title of Miss Merry Christmas is not “inclusive” enough. They did succeed in getting our annual  Christmas parade renamed the “Winter Festival,” so now they want Miss Merry Christmas to be called “Miss Earth Spirit” or something like that. As Fat-head said in his editorial, “One girl spurned in this town is one girl too many.” He was upset, you see, that persons who “don’t celebrate Christmas” can’t run for the honor of being Miss Merry Christmas. Actually, anyone can run for Miss Merry Christmas. But no fact ever fazed a liberal.

Do liberals ever do anything but try to spoil other people’s fun, make them feel guilty about this or that or the other, or get into power and enact ruinous public policies? Do they contribute one iota of value to our civilization?

Certainly not.

5 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. They certainly do not contribute anything of value, and many of us are well aware of that, but satan has had decades to construct this PC nonsense to further destroy our culture and nation. It is amazing that so many people buy into this self-hatred charade. A local resident wrote an
    excellent letter to the editor of the newspaper; filled with common sense and reason It will be interesting to see how many idiots will write in with their whiney protests next week. They all need a good slap up side the head.

  2. The rhetoric is female this, women that, feminists, etc. But just look at what they’re really doing to us! Shifting the blame, from the bureaucrats’ forcing us into bathrooms with men, aborting babies of young girls without parental consent, encouraging transgenderism of girls to boys, to US!! I just can’t get my mind around these insane lies that too many people actually believe. Education and the media are weapons of mass destruction.

  3. That’s the beauty of putting on the whole armor of God each and every day. No words, accusations, slanders, or libels can hurt you because you know who you are in Christ – a sinner saved by grace and empowered to lead a godly life. I am for life and against abortion. I am for Biblical marriage and against same-sex marriage. I don’t care if you disagree with me because I know what I believe and Whom I believe.

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