Those Who Can’t Do…?

What’s wrong with this picture?

There’s a commercial on our local radio station advertising some sort of “system” for correcting really bad behavior in children. It starts with a dramatic production of a sorrowing mother addressing her son, “It really hurts me when you tell me, ‘I hate you,’ and you slam the door in my face,” and goes downhill from there.

I dunno: it sounds to me like there’s nothing wrong with this kid that an electric cow prod couldn’t cure. But it goes on to explain that this poor miserable mother has solved her problem by inventing this “system” for straightening out her no-good nasty kid. And here comes the kicker…

We are told that we can trust this system she’s invented because she and her husband–no daddy appears, or is mentioned, in the dramatic portion of the commercial–are professional child psychology experts.

Uh… If you’re an expert on raising children, how did your kid turn into such a polecat in the first place? And based on how the li’l stinker turned out, why in the world would anybody want to take your advice on child-rearing?

Why, that’d be like hiring Democrats to run the country…

8 comments on “Those Who Can’t Do…?

  1. Right on; Lee..WE ALL KNOW the results that these “child behavior experts” yield..Just recall Dr.s Spock and O’leary and reflect on what they have given us in the Government..especially in Congress…do you recall the era when the prime question was “Why Johnny Can’t Read”…well the Johnnies and Jills are now called Congressman and women!!
    If you tolerarte medicority…YOU DESERVE IT; and WE are getting our Just Deserves!!

  2. Lee,
    What a clever commentary on this commercial, which I have also seen, and shook my head in disbelief. I know people tell me that these days, you can go to jail if you discipline your children in a manner not approved by the PC crowd. All I can say is, I’m glad my sons are grown, but on the other hand, I would not be dictated to by anyone in my method of child discipline. You do your child a grievous disservice otherwise. Anyway, enjoyed your commentary; very witty.

  3. I’m amazed by how readily people will place their trust in some self-proclaimed “expert”. If I decide that I’m a “child psychology ‘expert'” that doesn’t make me one. Even a PHD in psychology only serves to prove that the person attended classes and wrote a doctoral thesis. It says nothing of the bearers character.

  4. Is it any wonder why we’ve wound up in such a mess with our children? At school, they’re indoctrinated and at home they’re spoon-fed pablum. What utter nonsense!

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