I Make the Big-Time (Sort Of)

Sitting here with a nasty head cold this morning, going over my email, I found a fund-raiser email from Tim Wildmon of the American Family Assn. (AFA), on the need to resist efforts to abolish Christmas. As I read, I found myself thinking, “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” And then: “Wait a minute! I did say these things myself!”

Mr. Wildmon, to raise funds for his organization, had lifted several paragraphs, verbatim, from a column of mine published two weeks ago by News With Views, “Atheists Gunning for Christmas, Again.” (If you scroll down to the right, you’ll find it archived on “Lee’s Twitter.” I received no credit for my words.

So here’s a big bopper in the pro-family movement, who has lunch with presidents and senators, hosts the Values Voters Summit every year… and he’s lifting lines from l’il ol’ me, Mr. Nobody. It doesn’t seem quite fair, does it?

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