Supremes Set to Judge God

The big Christian/pro-family organizations today are dancing the kazatzka to celebrate the Supreme Court taking it upon itself to decide what shall be the definition of marriage in America. Can you say, “Be careful what you wish for”?

We already have a definition of marriage. God gave it to us at the very beginning. So I don’t care what nine political appointees in Washington have to say about it. If they say, “God’s wrong–marriage is two men, two women, a man and an alligator, whatever,” they’re only farting out their mouths and, incidentally, imperiling their souls.

My confidential sources tell me that after the Court decides what marriage is, they’re also going to rule on presidential infallibility, the law of gravity, and whether 2 + 2=5.

Boy howdy, is America in trouble.

4 comments on “Supremes Set to Judge God

  1. In trouble, you say? Wow, you can say that again! These little worms never cease to amaze me with their audacity, arrogance, and downright insanity. The most a human being can hope for is a little over 100 years on earth, but they claim the age of the earth is billions of years?! Then, they presume to rule on what is right and wrong?! Nuts, all of them.

  2. HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! i HAVEN’T LAUGHED SO HARD ABOUT WHAT SOMEONE SAID IN A LONG TIME! ISN’T IT STRANGE NO ONE HAS SAID THIS BEFORE? And it’s about time. Just keep us on our toes, Lee, and I’ll be happy. Another, “Wish I’d said that!”

    1. Now, see, Dorothy–if you were the president of the American Family Assn. and you said to yourself, “I wish I’d said that”–well, hey! You would say it, and pass it off as your own original thought. But of course you aren’t, and you wouldn’t.

  3. Things on the Supreme Court look a lot better today than in 2012. My Christmas wish is for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire in January 2019 and another strong originalist takes her place.

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