And as for Kwanzaa…

Nancy Pelosi–who was last seen parading around with a giant gavel to celebrate her triumph over the American people in saddling them with Obamacare–has been whining about Republicans not showing enough respect for Kwanzaa.

Thank goodness. I could never summon up the slightest iota of respect for anyone who respected Kwanzaa. Maybe there’s hope for the GOP, after all.

Only Democrats and teachers’ unions care about Kwanzaa. Normal people don’t. And just in case you haven’t heard, Kwanzaa–like the Jedi Religion–was made up out of nothing. In this case the inventor was self-proclaimed communist Ron Karenga, who dreamed up Kwanzaa in 1966 as an “African festival” that no one in Africa ever heard of. Unlike the Jedi Religion, Kwanzaa has no entertainment value. It is merely annoying.

A guide to life: whatever you see Congresswoman Pelosi doing, do the opposite. The opposite is bound to be moral and good.

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  1. You got that right. Does she attend a school in how to be a pain in the backside, or does it just come naturally? Empty minds have to search far and wide for something to say, I guess.

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