Vulture Media, Hyena Politicians

I consider it very bad taste to comment on yesterday’s horror at the Sandy Hook School in Connecticut. The facts aren’t in yet. But there is one aspect of it that I will address.

Did anybody notice how dazzlingly fast the “gun control advocates” swung into action? It was almost like they were ready for it, just waiting for their cue.

Almost as fast, certainly while the bodies of the victims were still warm, the vulture media started spewing out their anti-Second Amendment message, not even pausing to identify the killer accurately. (That was eventually straightened out.) Just as eager to feed on tragedy and suffering, the hyena politicians–the usual crew, Bloomberg, Cuomo, Mr. Voter Fraud in the White House–joined in on the feast. Can’t let a good crisis go to waste!

Does anybody seriously expect that criminals will obey gun control laws? Only law-abiding folks obey the law. You can totally ban guns, and repeal the Second Amendment–and the criminals and the homicidal maniacs will still get guns. But their victims won’t be able to.

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  1. On another blog site, someone commented that the hurricane Sandy, then the Sandy Hook school, there is something here. A house built on
    sand will not survive? wait for a third witness? well, just a thought.

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