My Books Have a Mission

My Father in heaven did something rather wonderful for me today. He moved something from the back of my mind to the front of my mind.

I happened to be browsing the young readers’ books section in my local supermarket this morning. It was one dystopian nightmare after another. It seems a lot of people are trying to write the next Hunger Games.

I now see clearly what my books are called upon to do: to help young readers connect with God; or, if they have already forgotten Him, to re-connect. To attack the ignorance of God that is found in so many of our young people, who know nothing but what they have been “taught” (I use the word loosely!) in public school and picked up from our corrupt culture.

Obviously that’s a tall order for some guy whom nobody ever heard of, whose books only hundreds of readers have read so far. The ignorance of God, among our youth, is vast.

So I’ll need a lot of help attacking it. I’ll need to be just one of a very large multitude of domestic missionaries. (Hint: If you’re already homeschooling your children, or sending them to Christian school, you’re way ahead of me.)

This, the young people in our country who have not been taught to know God, is the great mission field that needs to be addressed.

Because if we don’t address it, if we fail to teach this generation, their ignorance will be the ruin of us.

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  1. Yes, I know what you mean about today’s crop of future adults. It is really scary. You are doing a service to as many as you can, and I pray the sales increase and somehow get into the hands that need them most
    the books that will help them most.

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