Redistributing Poverty

Now that the Moral Imbecile-in-Chief, courtesy of massive voter fraud, is back for another term, we hear much discussion about “redistributing wealth.” Even supposed “conservative” pundits talk about it as if it were real.

Folks, let the ol’ fantasy writer clue you in–there is no such thing as redistribution of wealth. It’s a fantasy. A scam. A lie.

The only thing that gets redistributed is poverty.

The whole business is really quite simple. The government uses taxation to seize wealth; and then how does it get “redistributed”? Does Harry Reid ride around on horseback, showering a crowd with silver dollars?

Answer: It doesn’t get redistributed. After it’s seized, the state sets up enormous bureaucracies to “administer” the loot. This means hiring multitudes of new federal employees who, in exchange for easy work and generous pensions, will vote for Democrats forever. And so almost all of the money that is raised goes to create, fund, and maintain these new tribes of parasites. The tiny percentags that doesn’t stick to the government’s fingers gets doled out as various welfare entitlements–never enough to constitute “wealth,” never enough to raise any of the “poor” out of poverty.

In short, when our glorious leaders “redistribute wealth”–they scarf it up and keep damn near all of it for themselves.

Wide is the path and broad is the way that leads to destruction.

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  1. I could not agree more with this word. I read, when still a teenager, a book written by a wise person who explained all this; the mindset and the agenda behind all this. When I would share this insight with others, I would be laughed to scorn by almost all. People would say, “nonsense, the people will never hold still for such a program.” Guess what; is has been steadily coming to pass, every last bit of it. You are very correct, and I wish it were not so, but anyone with eyes to see can’t miss it.

    1. “Redistribution”–that is, punitive taxation–also functions as a power grab, along lines described more than 2,000 years ago by Herodotus and Livy. They both told a story about a tyrant who was asked how he kept himself in power. Instead of answering in words, he went out into a field–Herodotus makes it a cornfield in Sicily, and Livy a poppy field in ancient Rome–and with his cane beheaded all the plants that had reached a certain height. By this it was understood that he ruled by treating his subjects like these plants: cut down everyone who attained a certain degree of prominence or success.

      Sounds like they got that straight from the Democrat play-book, doesn’t it?

  2. Right on the money, Lee. Seems to me I recollect from my history classes in High School, that the French had a similar situation in their country in or around 1780. They came up with a very unique and effective mode of correction to the problem. Just goes to show you what “using your head” can accomplish. “The Inmates are in charge of the Asylum”!!

  3. The progs came up with the term ‘redistribution of wealth’ so they could tug at the heartstrings of the already poor serfs in the United States of Serfdom (that would be us). The redistribution comes in when it’s removed from our pockets and placed in the pockets of the thieving government/elites. Doesn’t anyone ever wonder why many in government enter public office about as poor as the rest of us but when they leave (are forced out) they’ve managed to amass a fortune?!

    1. I wonder about that. Obama recently put a home up for sale and, IIRC, it was something like $14,000,000 or perhaps $17,000,000. Hmmmmm? How do you afford that on a president’s salary?

    2. Indeed. What an outrage! What a perverted, occult city.

      Btw, remember that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize prior to doing anything to earn it (as far as I know, he still hasn’t)

    1. That was my initial reaction, but it could work to serve as a deterrent (I can dream can’t I?) 🙂

  4. They are truly delusional if they think we believe their hillary five card monty scheme. For every million dollars they STEAL, they’d buy (redistribute) votes (dependency) with 10% of it, or less eventually, after pocketing the rest. It’s all part of their global plan to devastate us, economically, spiritually, physically and mentally, to render us incapable of fighting against their tyranny, all the while forcing us to pay for it. I just got an email from Paul Ryan asking me to sign up for a “Christmas Party” in Wash DC. Too bad I can’t respond to it by telling him to return my money he’s using to pay for it.

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