A Throne for Obama

Isn’t it wonderful, the way things come together?

Our Moral Imbecile-in-Chief is now a king, ruling America by executive order. And a king needs a throne.

Over in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood wants to get rid of Egypt’s past. They’re talking about demolishing the pyramids, leveling the Sphinx. And certainly they’re going to want to sell off all those old pagan artifacts in the Cairo Museum.

And so a deal is in the works to sell to the U.S., for a sum not exceeding one trillion dollars (unless there’s a cost overrun), the official and bona fide golden throne of King Tutankhamen himself, for use at the White House when King Barack I holds audience.

You yourself can feel like a king by purchasing a reproduction of the throne. You can see a picture of it here ( http://www.amazon.com/Ancient-Egyptian-Royal-Tutankhamen-Throne/dp/BOO4YPVOR4 ). Feel just like our royal president, sitting there and issuing executive orders. “Attention! The national language of the United States is now Esperanto! Attention! Two and two now make five!”

The genuine article is, of course, priceless. But the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt can use a trillion dollars to buy high-tech weapons, and as for America, what’s another tax increase or two?

8 comments on “A Throne for Obama

  1. Well, the link to the picture doesn’t work. Just search “King Tut’s Throne,” and you’re bound to find a picture somewhere on the Internet.

  2. Yep, I’ve seen this coming for awhile now. I’m sure the gold crown is
    in the vault, just waiting to be brought out to be admired by all the adoring subjects. There will be dancing girls, scantily clad, of course, magicians, a very long and wide red carpet lined on both sides with bowing and adoring subjects as the large orchestra plays. Can’t you see it now?

  3. And it was definitely stolen. A district that votes 140% for him should give a clue to even the most dense. All that jazz about demographics and percentages— garbage.

  4. Hey!! You’re beginning to sound scary! Did you notice how shakey I was when I wrote this? On the other hand, who knows what that “all gold” thing is made of! Maybe someone is allergic to gold! Gotta see some hope somewhere.

    Just joking. My hope isn’t in some tin can, two-bit, self-made, etc.

    Trust in the LOrd with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge him (GOD) and he will direct your paths.

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