We Need Bee Control!

According to the World Health Organization, in the year 2000, 54 persons were stung to death by bees (and wasps, maybe) in the United States.

Now this is an intolerable situation. You’re minding your own business, just doing a spot of community organizing, or begging, and all of a sudden a bee lands on your arm and zap! You’re history.

Not to worry. As soon as gun control–oops! I meant “gun safety”–is put on a solid footing in America, and that pesky Second Amendment laid to rest, the government has planned a thorough-going program of bee control. All bees will be registered and put in a national data base. All bees will be tested for mental health. The new controls will ensure that no American–except for maybe the odd rich person or two– will ever be stung (by a bee) again. “We can promise you that,” says King Barack I’s close personal adviser, Satan.

“It may cost several gazillion dollars,” added Clown Prince Joseph Biden, “but if it saves one middle-class person’s life, it’ll be worth it.”

4 comments on “We Need Bee Control!

  1. One gun in the hands of even a child has been known to save the lives of many “under-gunned” humans. Even those under the table aren’t safe if there’s no gun in the hands of SOMEONE!!!

  2. Lee, I liked your post on Arie Perliger from the West Point Marxist club. I agree with you. I”m flabbergasted that our own Military Academy is turning out this kind of drivel. I downloaded a copy of it from Publius Huldah’s excellent blog site. I had requested by email a copy from West Point, but was better serviced by Publius Huldah who wrote a scathing blog on Arie and his buds at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Along with the quantity of Muslim extremists in the Pentagon and sprinkled throughout our State Department, I think our country is at extreme risk from these folks.


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