My Books Are Doing Better Than These

I have received my quarterly book-sales figures. As usual, they’re bloody awful. But the good news is they’re outselling some books, including the following:

How the International Bankers Kept Me from Being President, by Dennis Kucinich. It seems we owe something to the international bankers.

Teach Your Cat to Whistle, by Antonia Seppuku. A steal at $25.95.

Tarzan of the Sloths, by Egon Semolina Burka. Somehow this Tarzan knockoff never got off the ground.

Tasty Termite Recipes, by Mbumbu Mbumbo. This author is billed as “one of Tanzania’s greatest chefs.” Yum, yum.

The Wit and Wisdom of Richard Dawkins, by Stu Nata. The title speaks for itself.

There are many others, to be sure. It just goes to show you, as Mr. Riley counseled Basil Fawlty, “There’s always someone who’s worse off than you.”

2 comments on “My Books Are Doing Better Than These

  1. If we keep at it, even the worst of us can sell a few books. My book, “The Governor’s Story-the book that couldn’t stay lost, has finally topped 1000. In fact, those who have taken the jump have discovered green pastures and recommend it. If you’re reading this, have you read it?

    Take heart. You’re not alone because: the literacy rare in this country is prictically nil for those under thirty and that may be too high. Also, electronics plays a big role in moving folks away from books. Be happy if you sell one now and then!!!

    1. Just for the record: Hey, everybody–I read Dorothy’s book, “The Governor’s Story,” and it’s mighty fine! It’s published by Nordskog–check it out.

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