Our Daily Dose of Evil

I thought I’d seen it all, the other day, when I viewed a TV commercial entitled “Happy Anniversary, Baby.” In it, some black guy with a shaved head sits with a long-stemmed rose and a glass of wine, chattering romantically to someone or something offstage about “our anniversary.”

What’s he celebrating? I never would have guessed it. The 4oth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, of course–which made abortion “legal” without benefit of any legislation, and has since led to the slaughter of over 50 million American babies.

Even gaudier than the evil of this ad is its sheer, incredible stupidity. Hey, Mr. Black Actor with the shaved head! Don’t you know that African-American babies are aborted at a rate several times that of any other group? Don’t you know that last year, about 50% of the black babies conceived in New York were aborted? Don’t you know that one of the stated purposes of Planned Parenthood, when it was founded by Margaret Sanger, was to rid the world of the “Negro” race? Go and look it up, you idiot!

But today, again in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I read something even worse.

Did you know–I didn’t!–that a bunch of moral imbeciles masquerading as ordained clergy have gotten together to form the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice? “Reproductive Choice,” of course, means abortion. So it’s really Liberal Pseudo-Christians for Abortion. And here is a quote from a pair of United Methodist ministerettes speaking for the Coalition in celebration of Roe v. Wade:

“We seek to be a voice crying out to prepare the way for the Lord to bring about a new era of reproductive justice for our families and communities.”

“Reproductive justice” means abortion. So they are asking Jesus Christ, who loved little children, to bless the massacre of the unborn. Blasphemy.

Just for the record, the UMC objects to the pair going beyond the denomination’s “nuanced stand” on abortion. Yes, we have found the nuance in “Thou shalt not kill.” The United Methodist Church is not on record for wanting to abort all babies. Just some of them.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin…

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  1. Lee,
    I saw this one shown on a Fox News discussion group’s presentation of the day, and not only was I amazed at the idiocy, offended by the crass, no class presentation, but also appalled at the implications just under the surface. Just when we think it could not get worse, it does. In spades.

    1. Erlene, I’m just about out of steam. I can hardly keep track of the deterioration of our society, let alone write about it. Here we have yet another bald-faced example of presenting evil as good. We are in serious trouble.

  2. It really the height of abominations when Baptist Health Systems here in South Florida for years performed abortions. It was supposed to merge with the Archdiocese of Miami, but the Archdiocese reneged on the contract at the last minute due to Baptist’s stance on abortion. Yeah for the Archdiocese!

  3. So much to think about.
    Margaret Sanger was a eugeniscist and certainly that should gain the attention of any black person, but apparently blood is thicker than water and liberalism is even thicker than blood. I have noticed that liberals will embrace liberal causes, even if those causes could actually reduce rights. My take on the reason for this is the common thread of resistance to the Creator. The far left will endorse things that Muslims would never allow, yet promote Islam, even though Islam would ban many liberal causes. The far left will endorse anything that resists the Creator.

    Then we come to mainstream churches supporting abortion. I just shake my head. WTH are these people thinking. Life is a GIFT! Children are a GIFT from God. I’m not against birth control, but I can’t see any biblically based rationale for approving of abortion. For a church to promote such a thing is proof, to my satisfaction, that we must be very cautious about associating ourselves with a church, just because it calls itself Christian.

    One thing is for certain, this is not going unnoticed. The more liberal denominations seem to be losing members quickly, while non-denominational Christianity is growing. Worshippers are commanded to gather together in Hebrews 10:24 “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, 25 not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” This does not, however, state that we have to meet in a big, fancy church building. Early Christians met in homes and they seem to have prospered spiritually. If the Bozos in the mainstream denominations see fit to gear their message to what is popular or to some hollow “prosperity gospel”, we have no obligation to join in.

  4. Margaret Sanger and her genocidal master plan, will come to an end, along with the rest of the evil in this world. For such an abomination to be embraced by supposed churches – Christian churches! – is so abhorrent. Blind leaders tickling the ears of those who want a wide road, calling evil good and good evil. In actuality, abortion, which is really murder, is passing these precious children through the fires in sacrifice to Moloch. Woe, woe, woe to this evil world.

    Control of this world belongs – at the moment – to HaSatan and his minions, some of whom are, sadly, in some of our churches. But, as today’s hymn proclaims – Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords – Above All! And He hears all those voices under the Altar crying out to Him.

    Praise be to God! Jesus is coming soon!

    1. It strikes me that many of these churches have strapped themselves to a lot of overhead in having ornate buildings. It’s no wonder that they are having to struggle to make ends meet.

      The first century Christians met in homes, etc. and concentrated on both worship and preaching. Maybe that will make a comeback.

    2. When persecution comes to our shores – and it will – home churches will become necessary. Under the present condition of the churches, it may be the best medicine.

    3. It’s a sad thing to see. But we shouldn’t be surprised. Jesus told us this would happen. Still, it’s very sad.

    4. It makes it harder to find fellowship, but I’m not going to support a church which has left the path of goodness, and quite a number have.

    5. The church I grew up in now has a great big “Welcoming and Affirming” sign. I leave you to guess who they’re welcoming and what they’re affirming.
      P.S.–The ministerette, some years ago, told me “Adultery’s no big deal.”

    6. Adultery’s no big deal!?!?!?!?!?! I guess God prescribed the death penalty for adultery in the law of Moses because it’s no big deal. I’ll bet they welcome and affirm all contributors to the church fund.

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